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L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 has the following key features:

The Fastest and friendliest way to voice productivity -With L&H XpressStart™ technology, anyone can begin dictating in less than 12 minutes

  • Accurate speech recognition -- After you've completed the brief 5 minute enrollment, L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 can provide up to 98% recognition accuracy. Then its L&H XpressTrain™ Technology keeps improving your accuracy automatically every time you use the program. You can improve recognition even more by letting the program analyze selected documents from your files. And L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 automatically takes advantage of systems with increased capabilities such as advanced processors (Pentium® III, AMD with 3D-Now, etc.) or increased RAM so you get the maximum possible performance.

  • Comprehensive Legal language models
    L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 understands your legal dictation using its exclusive Legal Language Models. Each model incorporates an extensive vocabulary of terms, phrases, and acronyms, as well as statistical data gathered from the analysis of thousands of legal documents. This assures the best recognition accuracy possible.

  • Control Windows®, Office and other applications using natural everyday speech -- L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 lets you control the Windows® operating system, standard application functions, and Microsoft Office 2000/97 by speaking naturally so there's no need to memorize specific commands. For example, "Open Microsoft Word", "Switch to Excel", "Find Acme Proposal.doc", "Center the following paragraph" or "Add a new slide". Plus L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 makes your life even easier by enabling you to create your own voice commands for inserting an entire section of text or executing a series of keystrokes by speaking a short phrase.

  • Mobile dictation ready - with the optional Olympus® DS-150 handheld recorder, you can dictate anywhere and then have your assistant transcribe your text using L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4. From anywhere with email access, you can send both a voice file and a transcribed draft document back to the office for review and finalization. Make travel time and courthouse waiting time billable!


  • NEW! Recognition Advisor Page - Tools and tips for improving recognition accuracy.


  • Numbers, Letters, Dates, Dollars, and Legal Citation! - Enter numbers, letter dates, dollar amounts, and legal citations in your natural speech. Dictate regional and federal citations and correct citation forms are automatically typed.


  • NEW! 5 Essential TalkingTools™ - A complete set of commonly used desktop accessories designed for use by voice. Included are the Voice WebFinder™, VoiceClock™, Voice AddressBook™, VoiceScheduler™ and VoiceCalculator™.


  • Dictation Shortcuts - Insert a paragraph of commonly used text, such as a client addresses, favorite statements, or letter closing - all with a single voice command.


  • Personal Commands - Create your own commands that automatically execute a series of keystrokes by speaking a short phrase.


  • Talking Text™ - Facilitate editing by hearing your legal documents or correspondence read out loud to you.


  • New L&H Xpress Recorder™ - Enables you to record, listen to, and edit .wav files in any Windows environment. You can send a recording of your actual dictation from a remote location to your support staff for automation transcription and correction.


  • New! Multiple Processor Support - L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 leverages the power of today's processors, including Intel® Pentium® Processor, Pentium® II Processor, Pentium® III Processor, Intel® Celeron®, AMD® independent, but L&H Voice Xpress Legal Version 4 is optimized for Pentium® III Processor and AMD® K6-2, AMD® K6-4, and more! All enrollment/accuracy improvements are processor-independent, but L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 is optimized for Pentium® III Processor and AMD® 3Dnow Instructions.


  • Deluxe Microphone Included - L&H Voice Xpress™ Legal Version 4 comes complete with a deluxe headset microset microphone to cut down on background noise and improve recognition accuracy

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