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Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Medical 8 truly delivers on the promise of speech recognition in healthcare. Never has a release of Dragon NaturallySpeaking been as accurate – Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 8 is 20% more accurate than the previous release, and delivers up to 99% accuracy! Now healthcare professionals can truly eliminate the high cost and long turnaround time associated with manual transcription of patient notes. The result is lower costs and better patient care. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 8 lets you access your unique “user profile” from any workstation in your organization’s network, so you can “roam” your hospital, clinic or practice and always have access to the power of Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 8 also comes with a complete library of 14 medical specialty vocabularies, as well as the tools to further customize vocabularies for a specific practice.

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Electronic Medical Records
Looking for an EMR that works well with Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Visit, evaluate hundreds of electronic medical records systems for features, ease-of-use/workflow, stability,  and price point. Our division is dedicated to finding our clients the best solution for their unique needs.

Speech-enabled electronic medical records system offer numerous benefits such as documentation automation, secure storage error reduction and effective exchange of patient data such as: lab results, reports, discharge notes, referral notes, and visit summaries.