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New Male and Female Voices Set the Industry Standard for Voice Quality, Scalability, and Intelligibility

IEPER, BELGIUM and BURLINGTON, MASS. -- September 26, 2001 -- Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products N.V. (OTC: LHSPQ) ('L&H' or 'the Company'), a world leader in speech and language technology, products and services, today announced that its Speech and Language Technologies Division (SLT) has launched the latest version of its award-winning L&H™ RealSpeak™ product line, setting a new standard in text-to-speech (TTS) technology. L&H™ RealSpeak™ reads aloud any text with a natural, human-sounding, synthetic voice, and represents the highest quality TTS technology available today in terms of voice quality, scalability and intelligibility. In addition, the L&H™ RealSpeak™ family has been expanded to include a new male and female voice, called David and Deborah, respectively, for American English. The L&H™ RealSpeak™ product line has also been enhanced to work more efficiently with large-scale networked systems, as well as voice and mobile portals.

"We were really proud when we set the industry standard for text-to-speech technology more than two years ago with the successful launch of L&H RealSpeak, and now we've done it again," said Pam Ravesi, Senior Director of Marketing, North America of L&H's SLT Division. "L&H RealSpeak's two new voices, David and Deborah, are the most human-sounding voices available and provide our customers with a greater variety of text-to-speech options to meet their individual business needs. This is not only a major milestone for the Company, but the industry at large. In addition to improving the scalability of L&H RealSpeak to handle more concurrent users, we have developed new synthetic voices that raise the standard for intelligibility and quality."

More than 300 customers from numerous industries, such as banking, telecommunications, voice portals and Web content providers are currently using L&H™ RealSpeak™, which is embedded in their applications to help them better serve their customers. Also well suited for e-mail, voice portals, intelligent and personal assistants, talking Web pages, unified messaging, mobile Internet, and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, L&H™ RealSpeak™ is now available in 18 different languages, in both male and female voices, and runs on six different operating systems. This breadth of features and functionality is unmatched in the speech technology industry today.

Pricing and Availability

The new voices of L&H™ RealSpeak™ are immediately available with support for American English. To listen to the new upgraded voices visit L&H's Web site at For pricing information, please call 1-781-203-5358 in the United States or 32-2-456-05-00 in Europe.

About L&H™ RealSpeak™

L&H™ RealSpeak™ is Lernout & Hauspie's advanced text-to-speech technology (TTS) that can generate nearly human sounding synthesized speech. It is used in a wide variety of advanced applications, from the creation of voice portals to speech-enabling virtual newscasters. Typical markets for deploying L&H™ RealSpeak™ include: banking, financial, telecommunications, call center and media industries. L&H™ RealSpeak™ technology supports over 6 operating systems and is currently available in 18 languages: US and UK English, German, French, Dutch & Belgian Dutch, Castilian and Mexican Spanish, Italian, European and Brazilian Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Cantonese & Mandarin Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The L&H™ RealSpeak™ TTS engine has already received a number of industry awards in recognition of its superior technology and capabilities. The engine won in the Web software category of the Computing Awards for Excellence 2000 run by VNU Business Publications and the "Best Speech Technology" category at Voice on the Net Europe '99. Other awards include SpeechTEK's "Peak Performance Awards," and the "Best of CTI Expo Spring 1999" Award.

About Lernout & Hauspie

L&H is a global leader in advanced speech and language solutions for vertical markets, computers, automobiles, telecommunications, embedded products, consumer goods and the Internet. The company is making the speech user interface (SUI) the keystone of simple, convenient interaction between humans and technology, and is using advanced translation technology to break down language barriers. The company provides a wide range of offerings, including: customized solutions for corporations; core speech technologies marketed to OEMs; end user and retail applications for continuous speech products in horizontal and vertical markets; and document creation, human and machine translation services, Internet translation offerings, and linguistic tools. L&H's products and services originate in four basic areas: automatic speech recognition (ASR), text-to-speech (TTS), search and retrieval and audio mining and text-to-text (translation). For more information, please visit L&H on the World Wide Web at

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