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IBM Simply Speaking

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IBM Voicetype Simply Speaking
'The home edition of IBM Voicetype Dictation'

IBM has released this entry level program for home users. While this product does not give you the functionality of its full IBM Voicetype Dictation product, it does give you an idea of how the full version works.

Simply Speaking gives you a 64,000 word vocabulary. 22,000 words come predefined, and you may add another 42,000 words. It allows you to dictate inside of it's own wordprocessor, and overall is a good trial product.

Highlights of Simply Speaking:

  • Includes a terrific lightweight microphone, which includes a built-in speaker. Full reversable, for right and left handed users, and folds flat for easy carrying.
  • High accuracy speech recognition software
  • Speaker independence... anyone can walk up and use the product without any voice training
  • Adapts to the way you speak ... when the computer mis-recognizes a word, and you correct it, the computer will get it right every time in the future
  • Initial recognition accuracy above 90%, and will approach 100% with use
  • Faster than typing. Acheive 70-100 words per minute
  • Comes with a base vocabulary of 22,000 words with a personal expansion of an additional 42,000 words
  • Includes a fun product tutorial.
  • Plus you can dictate without looking at the computer - Use eyes free, hands free!

System Requirements:

  • Windows '95 only
  • No less than a Pentium 100 (P133 Recommended)
  • CD-ROM Only
  • Soundblaster compatible or Mwave compatible soundcard
  • 16 MB RAM (32 Recommended)
  • 30 MB Hard Drive Space
What are the differences between Simply Speaking and IBM Voicetype Dictation!
Features VoiceType Simply Speaking VoiceType Dictation V 3.0 OS2/Warp V 4.0 VTD V 1.32
Dictation Methods Only in VoicePad VoicePad,
Microsoft Word,
Quick Dictation direct into any application
Quick Dictation & Dictation Window VoicePad
Quick Dictation
Dictation Macros NO Yes Yes Yes
Commands No Yes Yes Yes
Command Macros No Yes Yes Yes
Add Vocabularies No Yes Yes Yes
Delegard/Deferred Correction No Yes Yes No
HW Requirements Pentium 100, 16MB RAM Pentium 90, 256L2 Cache, 16MB RAM Pentium 100MHz, 16MB RAM 486 SX-33 MHz, 12MB RAM
Technical Support 1st 30 days dial long distance, then it is fee based 3 Months - Toll Free 3 Months - Toll Free 3 Months - Toll Free